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Welcome to the UNWTO World Tourism Barometer Questionnaire. As a member of WYSE Travel Confederation we would appreciate 2 minutes of your time to complete this very brief survey. It will help us to put the voice of the youth travel industry accross at the highest levels, providing data and opinion to help decision makers understand the importance of youth travel.

ForĀ more informationĀ please contact research@wysetc.org.
The UNWTO Barometer is available from the UNWTO website: www.unwto.org

Please be aware that the following survey is a UNWTO formulated questionnaire.
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Evaluation of past four months: *This question is required.
What is your assessment of tourism performance in your destination/business the 4 months just finished as compared to what you reasonably would expect for that time of the year?
Last question: Evaluation of coming four months:
What are your prospects for tourism performance in your destination/ business in the upcoming 4 months compared to what you reasonably would expect for this time of the year?